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Exhibit in the February Home Show

PRIORITY BOOKING: In order to secure your previous spring show booth spaces, you must fill out the application starting on this page and pay for booth space in full by December 3, 2021.

Priority bookings will be based on the 2020 exhibitor booth placements. If you didn't exhibit last year, you can still pick your 2020 space as long as it still exists on this floorplan. View it here »

You must be a NARI Milwaukee member to exhibit. There are many ways a NARI membership can benefit your business. Please contact the NARI Milwaukee office at 414-771-4071 or click here for more information about membership.


Steps to register and plan your space at the February show.

1. Review how many spaces you would like. Each space is 10'x10'.  Examples:

  • (1) 10x10 is 1 space
  • (1) 10x30 is 3 spaces
  • (1) 10x10 and (2) 10x20 is 5 spaces
  • Half of the entire show floor? Let's talk first.

2. Review the floorplan and envision where you would like to be on the show floor. Booths on corners must be at least 10x20 or larger. Most 10x20 booths will be placed on corners instead of endcaps.

3. Scroll to the bottom of this page and begin the registration process. You will move through a total of 4 pages for the application. Be sure to complete all fields that are marked with an asterisk.

4. Your booth numbers will be sent to you a few weeks after the priority booking deadline of December 3, 2021.

5. Booth space will not be assigned until an application and full payment is processed with NARI Milwaukee.

6. Review the information packet.

7. If electrical and other utilities are needed, you will need to contact Wisconsin State Fair, or click here.

8. Event decor, carpeting, etc. can be ordered through Valley Exhibitor Services.

9. Stand out! Take advantage of our marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

10. Come to the show, get leads, make meaningful connections and have fun!

# of Spaces Cost # of Spaces Cost
1 Space $1,240 9 Spaces $11,160
2 Spaces $2,480 10 Spaces $12,400
3 Spaces $3,720 11 Spaces $13,640
4 Spaces $4,960 12 Spaces $14,880
5 Spaces $6,200 13 Spaces $16,120
6 Spaces $7,440 14 Spaces $17,360
7 Spaces $8,680 15 Spaces $18,600
8 Spaces $9,920 16 Spaces $19,840



EACH SPACE IS 10' x 10'

Please contact the NARI Milwaukee office at 414-771-4071 should you need more than 16 spaces. 

Parking - NARI Milwaukee cares about you, the member and is excited to announce that we will once again provide one day parking passes as a gift to NARI Members as follows:

1-4 booths = (3) 1-day parking passes
5-8 booths = (6) 1-day parking passes
9+ booths  = (9) 1-day parking passes

February Show Registration

Each space is equal to (1) 10'x10' space. Please select the amount of spaces you wish to register for below. We will ask for your full registration information in the next few steps. Premium spaces must be at least a 10x20' space. No 10'x10' corner/endcaps in this show.

Booths *

  • 1 Space

    $1,240.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 2 Spaces

    $2,480.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 3 Spaces

    $3,720.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 4 Spaces

    $4,960.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 5 Spaces

    $6,200.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 6 Spaces

    $7,440.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 7 Spaces

    $8,680.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 8 Spaces

    $9,920.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 9 Spaces

    $11,160.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 10 Spaces

    $12,400.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 11 Spaces

    $13,640.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 12 Spaces

    $14,880.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 13 Spaces

    $16,120.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 14 Spaces

    $17,360.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 15 Spaces

    $18,600.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)

  • 16 Spaces

    $19,840.00 per booth (Inc. Tax)


Use the details below or the contact form to the right to get in touch.

NARI Milwaukee 414-771-4071