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Beware of Home Show Scams

Just like remodeling scams exist, so do home show scams across the country. Let NARI Milwaukee help you spot a show scam. If you suspect a scam, please contact the show promoter right away. 


List Scam

NARI Milwaukee has been made aware by several exhibitors that they are receiving scam emails offering attendee lists for purchase.

These are fraudulent emails that have no relationship with NARI Milwaukee. 

Please do not contact them for a list. These lists are not from our show. The lists they refer to typically don’t have full or valid contact information.

What can we do? Unfortunately, besides sending them a cease and desist, there isn’t much NARI Milwaukee can do to stop this type of spam. Please mark these emails as spam and block them. 

Here are some tips to help you identify some spam email:

  • There is no company name, phone number or website listed
  • You may see a link in the body of an email that you cannot click on, be given the option to “unsubscribe”, or the message might be cut off or incomplete. Do not click on anything in the email.
  • Review what they are claiming. How would they have a true list of 3,000 attendees that came to a show that hasn’t occurred?
  • Look for spelling and/or other grammatical errors

Social Media Text Scam

Many shows across the country are seeing Individuals posting on event listings or advertisements on social media with a text to register message. Please do not text those phone numbers and inform the show promoter.

Currently, the only way to register for a NARI Milwaukee Home Show is


Use the details below or the contact form to the right to get in touch.

NARI Milwaukee 414-771-4071