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Sponsorship Opportunities

Show quality does not just happen, it is by design. Give attendees and exhibitors an experience that will be remembered for years to come. NARI Milwaukee collaborates with you to create customized packages that hit your business needs on the nail head. Opportunities can range from highlighted exhibit spaces and signage to a truly unique experience that reaches your target demographic.

We promote our sponsors the same way we would want to be promoted, by helping you stand out as a leader in the industry. Your possibilities are endless. NARI Milwaukee connects you to local area consumers before the event begins, live on show floor, and helps you move the needle forward after the event. Let us assist you in staying relevant and on top of the minds of consumers.

If you are looking to partner with a high quality, members-only, safe and trusted consumer show with longevity, NARI Milwaukee delivers. Whether it is at the show, print, or digital, we have team of event and marketing professionals that evaluate consumer data for every show and are constantly updating strategies to best deliver your key target audiences. NARI Milwaukee has the data to prove your ROI.

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Michelle Brown, DES
Executive Director
NARI Milwaukee

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